crying is a hello

5:13:00 PM

Crying is sometimes a hello

Like a child born in this world

It says a happy hello by its hard crying

Crying is sometimes a romantic hello

For lovers long time don't have a chance to meet

Now hands in hands

Crying is sometimes a hello

Cause tears bring joy in each drop

Cause sobbing heart for years now completely opens

In tears we see hope and waiting

Now leads to a happy ending

For an absolutely open heart

Crying is completely a hello

Though pain or happiness or both in tears

It always rewards us a new life

Don't be scared when you cry so hard

Cause tears now are like a river 

Running throughout your pain and joy

That sacred water clears all dust

On your soul for long

If someone laughs at your crying

Don't be shy or angry

Just enjoy the moments of crying

The moments of saying hello to the world

And goodbye to the past.

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