I never believe in childhood love until....

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I have never believed in childhood love until I read the book Mat Biec of author Nguyen Nhat Anh. It also officially becomes the first book that could make me cry hard for 15 minutes or more than. I couldn't understand why I could not stop shedding tears from my eyes... as if I used to have my first love when I was a little kid.

When I was 6 years old, my mom came back home after a meeting of parents in my grade 1 class and smiled: "Trang, you know, today, I got an interesting news for you". I could not hide my surprising emotions on my eyes and asked my mom to reveal it right away. Her smiling face made me more nervous: "One boy in your class likes you". I felt embarrassed. That was the first time in my life I knew that there was boy who fell in love with me. 

"Who?" - I asked my mom while I consciously realize my heart beat faster

"D. His mom told me about that. She asked his son whom he liked in the class and D told his mom your name."

"OMG!" I couldn't believe what I was just hearing from mom.

Time passes by so quicky. I forgot a lot of things in my childhood. I also forgot the happiness and the pain I have gone through when I was in primary school or even in secondary school. But I could never forget this story, about a 6 year-old boy who liked me. After the day mom told me about the news, I got to school as usual and he also never told me that he liked me. Until we grew up, we have even never met each other again for 7, 8 years now. Sometimes, when I went back home, I asked some people about him, just to know where he was, what he did and whether he got married. But I just asked those things once or twice. I didn't ask much about my childhood friends. But he hasn't been my friend once. I think  He is just the one who told that he liked me when he was in grade 1. I was just curious. And being curious about the one who used to like us seems to be normal. I also never asked him about that and I believed that he also forgot what he had told about 16 years ago. 

But I respected and admired him when I just thought back to the story. He never hid his true feeling, which I have failed to do. I hide my true love. I never tell the person I like that how much I like him. I act like Ngan, the main character in Mat Biec. Ngan loves Ha Lan thoughout his life. He knows he loves Ha Lan when they play with each other at the age of 10. He still loves Ha Lan untill the age of 40, when Ha Lan got married another man. But Ngan never tell Ha Lan about his love for her. Ngan  also never thinks about marrying another woman. The only woman he wants to get married is Ha Lan only. Ha Lan's daughter likes Ngan and she sacrifised to stay by him but finally, Ngan refused her love because Ngan consciously knows that he only loves Ha Lan. Ngan left, left out of the two women of his life. 

I have never known about what love is. But when I read Mat Biec, I just thought that I knew and understood it clearly many many years ago. My tears dropped on my cheek, falling down on the page of the book. I could not stop crying, alone in the room, unconsciously realise what the sky was and if it was raining outside the window or not. Also, on the day when I finished Mat Biec, I knew that man loves only one woman in his life. But women, they don't. 

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