I know that life is sometimes getting harder

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For the moment when I decided to walk out of school and turned into a very new road, I knew for sure that God would bring me both challenge and fruit if I tried hard and never gave up. Although we all want to live a happy life but most of us need to survive sometimes before we actually live meaningfully. We all have to go through this road, the road of difficulty and tear.

Going back to Hanoi after gap year journey, I knew that there was something I hadn't finished here and I needed to complete all the tasks I left behind. On the first weeks, Hanoi brought me joy with old friends but made me fight hard to have stable accomodation. With a little money in hand, I didn't know how long I could live if I didn't find other jobs. I came back to write a book for my boss. And we also collaborated with each other in another project. I thought he had brought me a lot of career opportunities for the last 3 years. When I took a flight to Saigon and started my career there, he told me that my decision was great. He emphasized the word "experience" and I knew that I needed to travel as much as I could and wrote frequently to attract many more career chances. I crossed all the goals I set in the first place during one year.

After one year traveling all around Vietnam and working as a marketing staff for Toong, I looked within myself and saw how fast I could grow. Life is ups and downs and we don't know how tomorrow will be if today we don't work hard. People talk with me and can't guess my real age. The more I go and work, the less I want to reveal how old I am. Because sometimes people label who you are when they know your age. I prefer to hide it since I am scared of being labelled.

People look at my blog and then think  that I am such an inspiring and interesting girl. Let's see the places I have been to and the people I met. But life never stops to bring me stress and surprise when I am trying to cross the river. The more I go, the more obstacles I need to go through. Each day passing by is a day I need to think about the way to save myself out of the deep terrible hole. On the second week of November, I realised I couldn't work for Vingroup anymore. At the time, I thought about learning how to meditate in a pagoda in Quang Ninh just to balance my life. What I needed the most during these time was to stay alone in a cafe shop: reading, writing and focusing on my body and mind to know exactly what I wanted and which plan I needed to take next. I had to have time just to concentrate. I couldn't stay out of my smartphone and laptop because my job was in here. I couldn't travel because I was having tight budget. At the age of 21, I knew that money wasn't the most important thing but played a significant role to ensure how well my life could go on.

And then, good news came when Phuong Nam Book told me that my work was being editted to be published next February. I was super happy. We signed the contract last July and now the book is about to come out. At present, I have a plan to go back to Saigon to settle down again. I will surely start a perfect career there and continue my project "100 influential people" more eagerly. Challenge makes me stronger!

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