Keep going to see how it goes

The last day in Bangkok, I moved to the hotel near the airport. It was also the first hotel I stayed when I got to this city. I loved it. It is called Zleep Hostel. At the hostel, I met a lot of tourists. We stayed and talked. When you travel, hello is the first word that may make you cope a long conversation. Who knows? Because when we said hello to each other, we started to talk a lot. We shared different things, we got to know each other. It was great!

I met Jason's family when they were about to check out. They were from Australia. His mother went down to the first floor first, staying next to me. She said hello to me and then we talked a little bit with each other. For strangers, they get to be curious a lot about the things they don't know from the people they are talking with. I don't know why every story always leads to my writing. They want to know how I started to blogging and how I continued to post blogs often. I said to them that: "I continue to see how it goes. The more I write, the more I see that I was born to write." 

There will be a day when you question yourself that what you are living for. My friends at university, they are stuck in finding their passion. For me, passion seems to be a big deal and I convince myself that writing is something like hobby, not a passion. It may not be a full time job but it is surely a full time life commitment. Some people I met wrote a little bit and then they quited. They persuaded themselves that they didn't have time. But if you are too busy, you always spend enough time pursuing the things you really like. 

Successful people I met told me that persistent is the key to get the fruit they want. They try to build their own castel day by day. Sometimes, they get stuck, they figure out the problems and then find out the solutions. Life consists of uniquely different situations. For some people, they are successful because they have never given up. For others, they are successful because they know when they need to give up on something to chase for other things. My mentor told me that people get success because they are persistent with their goal and they give up their old-fashioned approach to the goal and then  convert into other clever approach. I think what he said is really true for myself. My lifetime goal is to become a professional writer. I can't always write and publish blogs for the most my life because it willnot give me financial support. I need to approach it in different ways but I don't change my lifetime goal. 

Meeting right people and having deep conversation with them is the awesome way to figure out what you need to pursue in life. For me, during the time I have been out of university, I have a chance to catch up different successful people who change my attitude towards the meaning of success. Success doesn't mean that you gain a lot of money, it is not about the physical stuff you get but about the value you give to the community and they recognise your contribution. They respect you. My mentor told me that when someone got success, they would have their own enemy. It is part of success.

At the end of the day, we are struggling to get what we want. Keep going to see how it goes. 

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