A letter to myself

Dear Trang,

It is not the first time I have written a beloved letter to you. But it seems quite a long time since I started to send you the first one. I can't remember this day exactly but I am terribly sorry for that. How have you been? Everything at university is okay? I know clearly that you always know how to be strong but from time to time feeling weak is necessary in order to let others know that you have problems and I ensure one hundred percent that there will be someone ready to stand by your side and listen to your own stories. Hiding sorrow so long can make you isolated, you know?

You are happy.

I read every post in your blog. It is extremely inspirational and motivational. I bet that every reader who visits your blog regularly will surely be inspired and have much lessons learned in life. I feel so contented with your attempt, your effort and your devotion. You really make your day count and I think that everyone surrounding yourself will learn something meaningful from you. They will be lucky to have you as their friend in their life.

I always appreciate your decisions, Trang. And I also support you in every front. No matter how right or wrong they are, you draw your own life picture which not many people can. You are an ambitious girl who has a lot of great dreams. Never feel small and undervalued because success always begins with a single step. You frequently spend time motivating others but forget that even you must be loved, must be encouraged. Go out and do something new, have more friends and talk  much more with them. I know you are an introvert who really needs alone space and time. But life has exceptions, you should have one, too.

Keep reading, girl!

I know you are a wonderful girl who makes an effort everyday to pursue your dreams so you forget to love someone. You are scared to be in a serious relationship. You can't feel patient enough to cherish him and take care of him like other couples. I think that love is never late to do. You are young and do anything that you will never regret. People advise falling in love with someone at young age but it doesn't mean you need to fall for someone right now. Love is an experience and you can take it some years later. It is not worth worrying about.

Take the first step, if you are tired then stop to take a rest.

You will have 3 months off from now on. It is right time for you to go on an adventure. You can do what want and remember to treat youself better. Maybe backpacking to somewhere else or learn how to play guitar, learn how to learn Chinese and especially mastering your English skills first, you can take everything step by step providing you take advantage of the rest days-off. 

Why don't you dare to be engaged in a different working environment that you  have never experienced before. Volunteering seems to be a right proper choice. It can help you not only minimize the budget but also contribute your knowledge and physical effort to make others'life better. 

Sometimes, I wanna disappear for a while, to somewhere nobody can find. Mediate, see sunrise, see sunset and just be quiet

Time does fly! One time you look back, you can see the holes that you haven't done and the things that you have completed. It looks as if when you toss a coin, you can guess which side will appear with 50% of success. Life is like a coin, too. Pleasure and pain are two sides, only one side is visible at a time. But remember the other side is waiting for its turn. 

Trang, today may be bad, tomorrow won't be more okay but remember two days after will be great. 

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