Hey guy, who are you?

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Till one day, you know there are a great number of people passing by your life and then leaving nothing but confusing and incomplete stories. 

I started to set up this blog last October, after one month in university. Several years ago, my interest for writing was quite conventional, which could be called as a hobby. I owned a diary and wrote daily, often at night before going to bed. I have kept 3 notebooks full of my personal stories that are never leaked out in public. But last year, I decided to write for people around. 

After nearly one year writing as an amateur blogger, I collected so many priceless lessons as well as unforgettable messages originating from my own readers. They told me I have inspired them but as a reflection, they have also inspired me to continue my writing passion, now it is passion, not a hobby. There are so many people clicking the button "follow" in my blog and reading every post here that I wholeheartedly thank them for the things they have done for me last time that I think I haven't still deserved. Recently, I have started to post my status as a short blog in facebook and received quite a lot of positive feedbacks from facebook friends. There are some of them I haven't known before and then we meet each other in the real life and become friends of each other. I see writing sometimes pulls us together. It can be regarded as a magic wand that can turns strange people into close friends whom we can have a coffee talk with anytime. 

One month ago, when I posted a post written about network marketing in facebook that had the inspiration from my real experience throughout one day at Thien Ngoc Minh Uy, one of the most powerful netwok marketing models in Vietnam, it created a viral effection in two, three days. They shared, they commented and they liked with different view-points but all of them supported my own standpoints. Some of them are social network users that I didn't know about. Some of them followed me and kept on reading my facebook posts often. Once to twice in one week, I try to figure out any sensitive problems to write 'bout. Maybe I write about psychology, about facebook and so on providing that facebook friends of mine feel the necessity of its. 

Writing blogs and writing facebook posts are performed simultaneously. Recently, I have moved on English writing to enhance my thinking in another language. Truth be told, I amnot the one who masters English and can write any posts from can cover different themes. That is the reason why I have a tendency to publish English blogs quite often. It is also my view-points but in another language.

So  now, I wanna tell you a special person I met, an unknown guy talked with me through every post I have published on facebook. The one I think has so many distinctive characteristics that no one I used to meet had. He looked like an X-factor that drove me from this amazing story to other ones. Yesterday was the first time we met each other in the real life. 

Several years ago, I was careful about every relationship I had. That meeting a strange person after chatting with them on the internet was a dangerous thing I didn't dare to do. But now, I am quite open to this matter. It doesn't mean I am an easy girl that can meet and talk to anyone who are friends with me on facebook. But I believe in my tuition and feelings, you know, people can feel the good and the bad through the laptop screen. Now, it is me, feel brave not to miss the chance. I was curious about this guy for long. It was an opportunity for me to figure out how good or bad my tuition is.

It sounded like my backpacking travel to Sapa last time. I met so many strange people there who treated me like a member in their family, shared with me their stories without being afraid of any negative results. The meeting between me and him occured quite smoothly. We caught each other in front of the FTU gate and then moved to a coffee shop far from my university about 300 meters. We sat there, drank something and talked about what we loved and how we created our own future directions. I felt grateful for that since I didn't have nice time with a single person for ages, especially a strange person with a 3-hour conversation, the best record till now.

Sometimes, I wanted to stop and asked him "Hey guy, who are you after interesting stories you told with me?" From the bottom of his heart, he told about the school he went to, the ups and downs past and a family that didn't support him in inspiring him to follow his heart. The conservative views of parents impose their children to live a steady life but he wasn't the kind of guys who could easily live a whole life like that. From the jobs he did: a shipper, a photographer, a designer, a workshop organizer,... all of them made me dive into a new and incredible world of a strong and interesting man. Sitting there, quietly for more than 3 hours, we shared with each other about everything. I felt relieved after that...

So surely there are some, oh no, many people, asking me why I did that. Meeting a strange person? A lot of people will say "no", an immediate answer "no" with a disgusting glance. But "why not?". The world is always full of the good people who are there for us to have a deep talk. Maybe he and you can become collaborators or even close friends, the rest insert of your life. I learn how to be open with people, open with a conscious mind. We could keep the conversation lasting for hours because we shared the same hobbies, sometimes because of a certain sympathy... Although perhaps it is the first as well as the last meeting we have had, we always knew what we learnt from it. Through his stories, I could imagine a new prospect for my novel.

Hey guy, who are you? I don't know exactly who you are but you really put a special mark in my heart, my friend :)

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