My 10 favourite songs

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Without music, my life would become boring everyday. I always keep music on the way, when I work, when I want to focus on my writing. Music helps me to gain more emotions, gain more experience, gain more inspiration.

Below are my 10 favourite songs. I hope you enjoy it. 

1/ Reality - Lost Frequencies

Please pay attention to the meaning of the song apart from its awesome melody.
Life sometimes goes up, sometimes go low, but don't lose faith in your awesome future life. 
No matter what your decision is, life is worthwhile taking risk. 

2/ So far away - Marrtin Garrix, David Guetta

I love Martin Garrix 's music so insanely. I love all the songs in his channel.
So far away reminds me of the days when I was working for Toong coworking space. That day, I stayed at the company till 7pm to wait for partners. We opened this song and listened to it very attentively and emotionally. 

3/ Tell me how

I click with it so much.

Please listen to it and enjoy the beach.

4/ What are words - Vu Cat Tuong

I love this one but actually can't deny that the original one touches my heart.

5/ When we were young

Every single word makes sense. The lyrics, the melody really really insanely make me moved.

6/ Perfecr - Ed Sheeran

Of course. It is so sweet and romantic. I love this guy so much

7/ Gravity - Sara Bareilles

I don't know why. I search the lyrics of the song when I watched it on American got talent 2017. 

8/  Turning Pages- Sleeping At Last 

It moved me.

9/ One day Piano

So sad. The film made me cry so hard.

10/ How did I fall in love with you - Backstreet boys

I knew this song about 7, 8 years ago. I tried to practise to sing it. I remembered the lyrics after one hour. I love it. I love it.

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