What is your biggest change in 2017?

When another year is coming to an end, I usually enjoy being alone and thinking about what I gained and lost in the old year. Then, I write something down, close my notebook and then make a wish within my heart. 2017 is one of the most special year in my life. It is when I dared to take a giant step and bravely decided to turn my story into a new chapter which then somehow became the plot twist of the entire book. I personally think that our life should have at least a plot twist to make it become something that is worth remembering.

I would love to say thanks to people who pass through my life and then become part of my story. You are written somewhere in my blog, in my book and especially in my memory. I believe that some people pass through our lives for a reason to teach us lessons that could never be learned if they stayed. I used to be sad several days and weeks when I had to say goodbye to someone I love, needed to be far away from the place I chose to settle down some months. But, I realised that if we are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward us with a new hello. 2017 has taught me a lot of lessons that I will never be able to forget.
I remember the time when I decided to take a flight from Hanoi to Saigon last April, travelled alone from the north to the south, back to Saigon again for work and then met a lot of interesting strangers who then became my friends, my sisters and brothers. Coming to a new city, I started to have a feeling for someone. Then, I could decide that I wasn't that cold as people thought about me when I was in Hanoi. Being a writer, I am so sensitive, thoughtful and people use the word ''deep and interesting'' to describe who I am. I am thankful to all for supporting me for the last time.
At the age of 20, I know one lesson that I need to learn how to control my feeling sometimes. When I was depressed, I learnt how to cope with my problem alone and then found help from strangers and writing. Writing plays as a therapy that saves me from diving into a deep hole. When I was in Vung Tau, I kept me busy by founding a Vietnamese club with strangers. They then became part of my journey. Life becomes more interesting and amazing when you know how to connect like-minded souls. My life gets more surprising when I start to write and travel alone. And I ensure that if you are willing to give wholeheartedly, people will also give you special gifts you have never expected.
I will be back to Hanoi soon but I am starting to fall in love with Saigon. This city makes me feel more happy than anywhere else I have ever travelled to. It at least makes me more open and it makes me feel like I am in love with someone that I can't define who they are. It makes my writing better and better. It makes my ideas into reality. I will be back here again after my journey in the north comes to an end next year. I have another chance to meet the old people here.
Dear friends,
I am trying to finish my own book. My thought is running wild in my head. These days become special to me and I think I should write something down to share with you. I hope you get more blessings in the year to come.

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