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I am watching an old movie "Love actually" on Christmas time on one of the coolest days in Saigon. Staying nearly alone in a big room, I decided to pause the film at 34:43 to jot down these things. I really love this movie. I would love to recommend you this funny and romantic film to let you see that Christmas is time for love and opening your heart to the one you fall for. 

I was attracted by this scene, when the little boy told the old man that he was in love. I started to think about my feeling for a man recently. He doesn't know I fall in love with everything about him, from the soul to the body, everything. Love is actually all around. And I don't know exactly when I began to like him, from missing to getting hurt.

I think 20 is not young age to be in love. And I adore the little boy so much because he loves this girl in such a cute way that any adults need to be serious about his words in a respectful way. And he dared to tell the old man that he was in love.

For entirely one month, I always think about him, day in and day out. I don't know why my mind and heart always click to this man like that. But I don't dare to expose my truth to him. I amnot brave like this young boy. It sucks when you hide your deep feeling inside.

I told my coach about my secret and then I feel more relieved. I told her that if after one month my feeling for him was still deep, I would tell him that I had a feeling for him. Although I personally think that this relationship doesn't work out, I still want to open my heart. He deserves to know it.

My coach took the couple Obama and Michelle as an example and asked me how I thought about them. They support each other to pursue their own dream and the most important thing is that they don't tie each other down. I am always scared of love. I am not self-confident enough to care for someone else because even I can't care for myself perfectly. I am scared of being stuck in a relationship. I am scared of hanging out with a friend and then I don't know what to talk and how to show him that I actually want to come back home and prefer being alone to being surrounded by a lot of people. I love privacy and I love the man who can understand that love doesn't mean that the two people need to hang out often with each other. 

I don't have any criteria for my future boyfriend, even my husband. But I actually think that there is a connection between us. I am good at pretending that I am always ok. Although everytime I meet him, I just want to tell the truth.

I love this conversation, really stick to that. I am imagining all the words I will tell him when I have a chance to meet him again.

- Hey, I think I love you. (No)
- Hello, can I say something? Perhaps, I have a feeling for you. (Maybe ok)
- I don't know why I am always remembering you, day in and day out (so seductive)

I think that everyone has a person to think about. Watching a romance film, I think I am in love though I amnot. The quote above actually touches my heart.

Stuck In Love 

I am kind of person that avoids love at all costs, too.

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