Writers are romantic?

Do you need to experience love to know if you are romantic? 

I personally believe that romance, as people are talking about, doesn't require love to know exactly if she/he is a romantic person. 

Maybe or you don't have a true definition of 'romantic' or you think you are romantic until someone says that you are not. 

I can't decide the best answer for this issue but from my perspective, writers are romantic people.

Half year ago, my friend I just knew and I talked some private things on Messenger. Our story came to love affair and he asked me "You say writers are romantic... so are you romantic?" I replied "Yes'' after several seconds thinking. For the last 4 years, I spent most of the time composing novels that have never been published, sharing my new blog posts as well as producing articles for some newspaper and magazine websites. I always desire to write an English novel or any English book based on my interesting experience in life. That somehow becomes the reason why I would love to live in the USA or any English native speaking countries for at least one year before I return to Vietnam and work full-time as a writer/blogger. Everyone has a dream.

Is a man who usually gives you flowers on special days, takes you out to watch movies or goes with you on some vacations romantic? I don't know. Sometimes it depends on the way he truly treats you rather than the way he shows the world that he is treating you sweeter and sweeter. If you feel that he is a sweet and romantic person, I believe he is what you think. 

A writer is someone who usually blends her mind and soul with everything around. She is creative, deep and romantic. To compose a new work requires her to observe everything around carefully, to discover every aspect of a person, a thing, a place, a problem. She loves someone with her own special care and she also likes adventures and everything related to new or unique experience. She has a strong personality. A writer is also independent and can have a great ability to take care of herself. She is thoughtful, patient and kind-hearted.

You can learn how to become romantic but your true nature may not be a romantic person. Some people are more practical than romantic but these people somehow meet romantic partners that treat them in a different way. That difference also plays a crucial role for their love affair, which can balance their relationship. Girls usually love flowers, men give flowers to them but some girls like books more than flowers. Everyone has her own interest.

Romantic is something necessary for any love story. And I believe that when people are in love, they are romantic at that time. I have never dated with any guy but when I watch a romance movie, I imagine that I am indeed in love. My heart beats faster, my face becomes hotter and then everything is suddenly broken when they broke up with each other or someone passed away or any emotional scenes were happening. Tears is a sign of feelings. And a laughter is also a sign of emotion. Love gives us different colors of life and love make us alive.  A girl doesn't need to date with a guy to enjoy every moment or to be loved because she can love everything beautiful without a man in her story. But gradually, love comes softly and accidentally, she doesn't know when and why she starts to miss someone, to feel as if there is someone lying in her heart. She starts to be romantic, to be shy and to behave differently, and to dress more girly. That is a sign of romance.

Writers are more special because they need to experience love to write more deeply rather than imagine something that has never happened in their life to produce an authentic work. But a lot of writers are good at creating and imaging the things that even don't exist in our life. It is called fiction. I also write fiction posts but not often. I love composing short love stories and then share them on my blog. They get a lot of review, too but it seems nowadays young people prefer to read something that is easily swallowed. I love keeping my brain more busy because when I am more busy, I know I am more creative. For example, travelling, working, reading, writing, talking, loving someone or doing anything that keeps myself producing new ideas. That is my life. And I know people will see that my life is somehow interesting but it is actually tough, too.

If I have a chance to meet the right guy, I will love him wholeheartedly. It is very hard to promise something, especially something that has never happened in my life but I counts on the way I treat and love people around.

And I don't know how romantic I am when I am in love.

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