No racism here but for safety

We are running a non-profit organisation in Vung Tau city. It is a Vietnamese club that aims to teach foreigners Vietnamese for free and build an open-minded environment in which expats and local people can have a chance to connect with each other. We have just finished recruitment program that attracted 9 more members. Last night, gen 1 had a meet-up to discuss what we needed to do and which goal we aimed at to make this club more prevalent among different kinds of expats as well as Vietnamese people. From time to time, we have some problems with learners, which can't be inherently avoided when all of us operate an organization. One of them is that some male learners seem not to be serious about learning but finding a chance to approach Vietnamese girls. A man aged approximately 50 texted our member if she wanted to date him and told her that he had 2 - 3 part-time girlfriends. It is the first time in the whole of my life I have ever heard about part-time relationships. It is fucking ridiculous that made me feel disgusted and annoyed. 

Being a leader seems to be an unforgettable experience, which also brings me a vast chance to  learn how to analyse from tiny to huge issues and then figure out some clever and effective ways to solve them all. I am not emphasizing anything that causes racist views here but I should tell you all that we can't tell what people are thinking deeply in their head though they have sweet and smooth conversations with us. It seems you and they have good chemistry in the first place but bad or shocking experience in the end. Sometimes I find it extremely hard to use intuition to judge how positive or negative they are. I have met some black guy friends and then I rejected to talk with them or refused to get their support only because they didn't seem kind or have good-looking appearance. As I mentioned above, I don't tell these things to offend anyone or tell the world that all black guys outside aren't nice for us to have a chat with. For safety, sometimes people can get away from some kinds of people.

For the first time in my life I have needed to be in charge of protecting more than 20 Vietnamese members/ especially female ones from being taking advantage. Some of them are from high schools (aged 15 - 16) and they need keeping safe and informing about rules and the ways the club is operated. I used to hear tons of stories about sexual assault which leads to many results related to children/teenagers who are the victims. Hiding inside a good-looking body can be a sexist, a sexual harasser who is dangerous and creepy. A man who tried to offer to host me during the trip to Cambodia asked me to have Whatsapp account. I gave him my phone number and after an hour I saw his message "Hi beautiful" on this app. I looked up these words on Google to decode if it is for flirting reason. I had a short chat with him and then blocked this guy because he seemed not to be serious and cultured. Danger is like summer rain that happens suddenly. 

Be careful but don't try to put a frame covering your body or get away from every stranger you meet. Vietnamese people have a quote: Don't be pessimistic, there are many Ly Thong but still tons of Thach Sanh in life. It means there are bad people but still a lot of kind people outside. 

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