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At the age of 20, I desire to travel as much as possible. As long as I have a chance to meet new people, talk to them and discover something fresh new day by day, I will die peacefully without any regret. I remember the last two days passing by, I stayed at home watching some old movies that I hoped to bring me some joy and tears at the same time. Life is fair when we talk about time. All of us have 365 days one year, 24 hours one day but not everyone can use time intelligently.

I read somewhere a quote "The speed of your success should be faster than your parents'aging". I mused about it and thought about my parents who now reach the age of 40s. Being a father or mother both gives us an opportunity to learn how to cherish our newborn baby, how to bring them up in the right way or hide sorrow and misfortune to show children happiness and altruism. Our parents sacrifice in the whole of their life to create us, we should grow up and give us a chance to treat them better. At the age of 18, I told myself to get out of home and create my own life. Insta@
I am obsessed with talking to people and discovering new lands on earth. There comes a time in my life I only want to just travel and publish something new everyday. The more I go, the more I see the world was destined for wanderlust people. One unique wind knocked my door at the age of my seventeen and showed me the world was more fantastic than I had expected. I read the two books written by a girl who was just 19, 20 years old at the time. She traveled more than 25 countries, even went to the nations that were regarded as the most dangerous and the poorest in Africa. She traveled with a little money in her pocket, use Couchsurfing to survive and use intuition and bravery to get help from strangers. It sounds like gambling, you don't know whether you win or lose. Despite some rumors around the two books, I still believe in her extraordinary experience because not everyone,especially girls can explore the world with little money like that.

Travel has been written for centuries, when human beings discovered the new lands and then settled down, built their own races. People in 21st century inherit the unbelievable inventions and relentless development of information technology, traffic, discovery can't be a challenge any more. And one of the most marvellous inventions is Couchsurfing where you can meet tons of like-minded people all over the world, connect the souls and connect cultures. I have got help a lot from there.

When I updated my next trip to Singapore and Phnom Penh, some people offered to host me. An open-minded man in Yishun messaged me first and then we kept contact with each other on Whatsapp and Facebook as well. I saw his profile and lots of positive references listed on his wall from different people on earth. I could see some of them from Vietnam where I was born and grew up. The great thing was he opened up with me first and emphasized that he was quite talkative (haha). I saw part of me in his response and the way he talked to me seemed to be trustful. Couchsurfing (CS) is the site which you should use for your beautiful part of traveling.

However, not every single time when you post a status public on CS and receive positive, well-intentioned offer. We can't know anything hiding in their head, maybe it is arguably shocking. You need to take a thorough look at their profile, use your intuition to consider if they are a good choice. If you don't want to make your trip public, you can find hosts by typing the address you are going to and tons of people may want to host you. You duty now is requesting to stay with one of them by choosing time and messaging to let them know a little bit about you and your trip. Either ways can help you out to save your money on accomodation but it can be a little bit risky, especially for female travellers. But my advice for you is looking on the bright side and see where it leads you go. Because I have a big belief in humans' kindness, give-and-take in life.

The most interesting part in my journey is to get insight into like-minded souls, cultures, tradition and nature, all of which force me to open up with strangers first and then patiently listen to their stories. God will bless you and me and what you need to do is to believe in yourself to explore the most wonderful things during your trip. Wish you the best of luck!

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