Love is not a fairy tale, love is real

I haven't written much about love affair in this blog, no reasons mentioned but it is really not my cup of tea. Sometimes I compose some love stories based on my unlimited imagination and share them to get comments which tell me where I should put a plot twist in the story I wrote. I am just a modestly creative writer who is learning how to write something that can bring you such a fresh new view in life.

Love is not a fairy tale, love is real!

Have you ever seen the romance movie "Me Before You"? I still remember every single scene in the approximately 2-hour film which tells me the tragedy in love, but in every heart-breaking story always consists of lessons that reflect real life. My mentor told me a story that he and her wife went to the cinema to see "Me Before You". After the film came to an end, both of them walked out of the movie theater in silence. On the way home, he was driving and suddenly asking her that if he were in Will's situation, what would she do? His wife insisted  that she would take care of him for good without any hesitation. But he responded persistently that if it happened, he would want to be unplugged like Will. He would be real him if he had a chance to do what he loved but if he couldn't live a life that he could control and if he still had to live a life that even his lovers cared for him every single second like this, choosing death was the best choice for both him and his family. Like Will, he couldn't be selfish to make Lou stand by his side (now his wheel chair) to the end of his life. She shouldn't deserve it and nobody should deserve this misfortune. I couldn't but burst into tears during the movie and I came up to a bold conclusion that love is when you want to do the best for your lover.

"What are words" is one of the legendary song that lists number one in my favourite albums. Although it isn't really a prevalent one among millions English melodies but it tells us a heart-breaking, moving, meaningful love story of a beloved young couple in America: Chris and Juliana. Before their marriage, Juliana experienced a tragic car accident that caused her to suffer brain-damage (Rumour said that she got drunk and then drove, it was her fault). It seemed to be such unbelievably heart-breaking news for Chris and her relatives. Despite her injury, Chris whole-heartedly looked after her every single second. In American Idol, he sang a song and told the judges about his love story with Juliana, now on a wheel-chair. She couldn't talk, couldn't feel, couldn't understand what people were talking about. It seemed he needed to endure overwhelmingly if he continued to live his rest life with her disability. In 2011, "What are words" was released, now attracts more than 41 mil views on YouTube. The melody is incredible and the song melts our heart right away. You can't wait to learn more about true love behind it. Most of people who listen to this song pray Chris and Juliana stand together, may God help her good health again and both of them have a happy life with children. But most of people who continue to listen to this song everyday and not look for their love stories 5 years now can't know they are not together any more. In 2012 (according to my memory), Chris wrote a status on Facebook told his fan that the end of the love story between him and Juliana needed to be rewritten. The truth came out that it couldn't work out for both of them. It was not fair for him to live with a disable woman who can't feel his heart, can't talk and can't do anything. He eventually found his true love in 2014, married a Norwegian woman and had a baby. I can't say anything about this result but just come up with a short conclusion that love is real, not a fairy tale. You should put yourself in others' shoes before you want to judge them. And now, it is your time to imagine that if you were Chris, what would you do? Can you endure a life (maybe 30 years, 40 years, 50 years ahead) with a brain-damaged woman? He is so so young and he should live a life he wants and a life that gives him happiness. We all are so selfish, we all want things that give value to us. Let's define what is happiness before you judge poor Chris or anybody else. 

The song is still beautiful. Juliana is still Chris's soulmate and it is never a sad ending when we tell anyone else about them. It has a real ending, instead. Love can come from many reasons and the more I ask people how they define love, the more answers I receive. Because they draw a love definition based on their love experience and everyone has his/her own particular taste. We have a right to be proud of our current love because it is absolutely worthwhile for you to learn how  to cherish someone, how to take care of someone and how to love yourself as well. Don't chase love, let it find you. 

I would love to share all of you some of stunning videos that were performed deeply on America's got talent recently. I hope you enjoy it.

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