How to study English on your own?

I have never written any issues related to learning a second language so today I would love to share you all about how I learn English and how I practise it everyday on my own. To be a bilingual or multilingual person will create a new window for your career path as well as give you a vast chance to do your own business in the years to come. Below are some channels I usually not only use to serve my English improvement but also widen my horizons about abundant themes such as business, psychology, travel,...

1. America's Got Talent
2. TEDx Talks
3. TheEllenShow
4. CloeCouture
5. TED-Ed
6. TED
7. Britain's Got Talent
8. SoulPancake
9. Standford Graduate School of Business
10. Jimmy Kimmel Live
11. Dan Hauer
12. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
13. Rclbeauty101
14. Netflix
15. Cath in Collge
16. Michelle Phan
17. BrainCraft
18. What would you do?
19. The school of life
20. College Humor
21. Mark Wiens

There are many more and I usually watch films with English subtitles on Reading is inevitable if you want to master your brain in another language day by day. Below are some websites I usually spend time on:
Vung Tau Hash

1. (about psychology)
2. BBC (news)
3. Guardian (news)
4. The Atlantic
5. The New Yorker
6. (about business)
7. Forbes (business)
8. Business insider (business)
9. (lifestyle)
10. New york times
11. The telegraph
12. Neurosciencenews
13. Medium
14. Reddit
15. Bloomberg (business)
16. ....

Some tips to learn how to speak:
- Speak with yourself as much as possible. Talk with the native speakers at the same time and don't forget to write down new words on sticky notes and learn often.
- Think in English.
- Hang out with foreigners and don't forget to make friends with them. I'd love to share new ideas and share my own experience with friends so I also learn a lot of things through that.
- Learn how to self- study. Set your own goal and remember to practise everyday, especially listening and speaking.

Write your ideas in the comment box below if you have something to share!


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