University isn't the best solution for your future life

Prejudice is the most risky virus that intensely gets people kneel down.

Last Kayak trip on Sunday afternoon, Victor, a dude from Russia, was my partner. He asked me about my blog and curiously wanted to know why I made up my mind to study in Singapore next year. Truth be told, like a summer rainfall, everything was not that clear as he had thought. Singapore owns such an unimaginably incredible education system that global students on earth, especially ASEAN citizens decide to take both short-term and long-term courses. However, tuition fee as well as cost of living in this island nation is beyond my family's financial ability.

Homeschool today is one of the most prevalent choices among young people, especially in developed countries where they think going to school is not necessary. They will choose their own teachers and favourite courses online and get a degree without staying at school several hours one day, instead. Everything has both sides and homeschooling is not an exception. Competitive environment can be a vital element that can boost humans' creativity and effort. Homeschooling can make your children less active in the real life as well as cause them to lose social interaction and relationship with other children around their ages. Therefore, to make homeschooling's benefits outnumber its drawbacks, children had better go outside as much as possible and join extracurricular activities to make friends. For me, learning at home brings me a lesson that I have never been studied before, it is about how to balance your time, how to pay respect to your family who always support you no matter how hard it is, and about how to walk  on your own way though lots of tough stuff outside can make me weary, burden me.

Last night, I had a talk with Gan, an engineer from Malaysia, he used to participate in our club's first meet-up one month ago. Time does fly! We still contact each other for his interest in Vietnamese and he asked me why I moved to Vung Tau city. It was such a long story that began from my little depression after I came back from a volunteering program in Quang Nam province. I read a book named "Warriors Rainbow" and then thought twice about my career path. I couldn't stay in Hanoi pursuing my curriculum at Foreign Trade University, couldn't continue my life with a roommate that I seemed not to get on well with. How could I make something different if I was in bad mood? How could I change myself to become a better one at the place that let me down? Everything I did had its own reasons. The reason why a girl left!

How can I get away from stereotypes that people stick for women? They bring a so-called perfect definition of a woman to judge the way you are. However, I can't be let down, can't be affected negatively by their loud noise. Here I am, telling you my reasons why university is not one-size-fits-all.

I am living with my cousin's family. He has never gone to university, even not finished high school but has become a boss of a small company for nearly a decade. I told you this story not to refuse the importance of colleges but to emphasize the alternative future paths that people can take for their own fate. In the middle of my course at university, I realised if I had continued to pursue my own dream at the college that wasn't associated with my future profession, I would have never conquered my ambition to become a real writer in the future. As a result, I stopped to learn at university for an entire year to make something different happen. At the beginning, I was scared of prejudices but a few weeks later, I felt contented with my bold decision.

Till now, everything isn't that clear but settling down in a new place and hanging out with new friends really meet my expectations. There is no advice that I should give you but there is one quote I would love to wish you: "Be bold and brave."

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