9+ craziest things I have ever done

I have never revealed all of my insane stories in this website. Till one day you will realise the most memorable thing is what you did in a different way. It is your life so don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your inner voice. I am not a reclusive writer like Peter Van Houten in the remarkable, pitch-perfect, elegiac comedy "The fault in our stars". Being a writer doesn't mean I tell you stories of other people or make up everything to make you laugh hard, give you lessons or something like that. I write to let you know more about my existence on this whole world because the most scary thing that obsesses me is oblivion.

How cute aha ^^

So, now, take a look at 9+ craziest things about me below. 

1/ Set up this blog

People always think that it is extremely awesome for you to have your own website, share everything on it because sooner or later you will become well-known. 

Getting more work means that you need to spend time on it. Spending time on it does mean that you need to cut off more free time. Sometimes you will feel stressed out, even depressed because you have loads of things to do at the same time. Setting up this blog maybe opens up a new career adventure for me but takes me a lot of time. 

Till now, there are nearly 150 issues in this blogspot within 18 months. I keep writing and never regard it as my hobby. Hobby is something you can give up. This blog nurtures my passion of writing.

2/ Writing 2 books at the same time in 2015

Have you ever reflected on something that can turn you into someone else after you complete it entirely? After reading the book "Song va khat vong", I desired to write my own books. One book is an autobiography and the other is a romance novel. 

The most dominant thing of self-help books is they can give you strength and motivation to get out of comfort zone to build your dream. People always argue that this kind of book is garbage. What the hell are they talking about? 

One of the books was rejected by two publishing house. I thought I was kind of silly and I didn't know why I could write them in short time like this. I only have the two books in my own skydrive. 

3/ Travel alone and get help from male strangers

I always bear in mind:"Most of the people on earth are kind-hearted, generous and willing to give someone a hand. Looking on the bright side gives me powerful confidence in human race. My first trip was up to Sapa. Before each trip, I always did research on some social network like Couchsurfing, Facebook,... and then got help from the local people who could help me to enjoy the trip as well as possible. After I got off the bus, I called Mr. Son to pick me up and then he drove me to his friend's house. I stayed in a humble, small motel room with 2 other men, one of whom was my friend in the childhood.

I travel alone most of the time, which means that when I want to go somewhere else, I book round-trip tickets without asking someone to go with me. The second day in Sapa rained cats and dogs. Meanwhile, I trekked on the long hard rocky road. The water flew strongly, the wind was so intense. I tried to walk as fast as possible. The umbrella I hold in my hand wobbled, it was out of balance. I saw one guy driving his motorbike, glancing at me and then he kept going, suddenly he stopped, turned around to ask me "Come on girl, get on my motorbike. It is raining hard." I shook my head because I was scared if he was a potential predator. He asked me second time, I followed my heart and then decided to come to homestay with him. Luckily, he was friendly and really generous. 

Strangers are people whom we don't know how beautiful they are till we get to know each other. 

4/  Travel to Hai Phong with one guy I hardly knew

He posted a status on Facebook: "Travel to Hai Phong, Do Son beach with me."
I commented: 'Okay, me?'
He replied right away: "Sure?"
"Sure!" I texted

He texted message me in messenger, wanted to know whether I wanted to go with him or just kidding. I didn't know how my feeling was at that time but I nodded and followed my intuition. So I traveled with him the following day, stayed in his family one night and then came back to Hanoi. We now treat each other as siblings. I often call him "sister". He is kind of precious man that ever exist on earth.

5/ Stay away from love

People at my age are usually in love or used to experience love affair before. This story never happens to me because I walk away from it.

Love will come to you when you least expect it.

6/ Take a gap year

I wholeheartedly appreciate one entire year in university that brought me numerous amazing chances that changed me forever. I used to be nerd in high school; however, when I entered the university I became more and more active. I joined a lot of social activities, worked for a social entrepreneur and some startups. I launched a volunteering program on my own in Nghe An, was a co-founder of I Read and an editor of a book. The stories went on being written.

I experienced depression and intense stress several months ago after finishing a 3-week trip in Quang Nam province. I felt bored like hell and kinda drained. 3 months off school wasn't enough for me to create a milestone. I came back to Hanoi and was about to come back to school 2 weeks later. During this time, I mused about taking a gap year. My plan at the time was not thorough, I only knew I would travel somewhere else, learn languages and write my own book.

Taking a gap year is not prevalent in Vietnam, which is the reason why my friends got freaked out when they heard about my decision. I don't know whether how wrong or right it is but I ensure everything will go on the right track if you plan everything logically and commit to it.

7/ Build a club in Vung Tau

I have been in Vung Tau city for one month. I quickly fell in love with everything here, from atmosphere to people. This small city embodies a peaceful, quiet land where you can immerse yourself in the beautiful tranquil beach, trek through the high moutains or drive on your own on long beautiful roads.

I long to make something different before I leave here. My mind came up with an idea of building a Vietnamese club that helps foreigners learn how to speak in this nice language. I get help from an English Club here. The people are really kind-hearted, generous and open.

8/ Join the SUPERSEED project of Young Media Club

I was kind of an introverted woman who prefers working alone to working on a team. What's more, my strength doesn't include leadership skill.

SUPERSEED is a project that is operated annually to select the next leaders, including vice president and president. I worked seriously during this project but didn't want to become the next leading generation. So I told the incumbent president that I would follow this project till the end but didn't want to become a vice president or president. It sounded a burden for me. The period of this time was goddamn stressful. I mostly felt exhausted.

9/ Travel to disappear for a while

I can stay alone for long time without feeling lonely. And travel is one of the best ways for me to stay away from the fast-paced life.

So now is your turn to create your own list. It sounds fucking fun because it can remind you of hilarious, joyful or crazy moments that ever happened in your life.


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