14 things you probably don't know about me

For those people who don't really know about the real me or just accidentally know me a little through one certain issue I posted on my fanpage or this website or other sources that bring you an enjoyable feeling can read this blog to see me through. I am just an ambitious young blogger who dreams big and desires to become a professional travel blogger, works as  freelance writer in the near future. I am obsessed with a nomadic life, booking a one way ticket to the destination I plan to travel to without thinking about coming back home.

Hoi An 2017

14 weird things below reveals the real me. Maybe I used to uncover it somewhere else but this list is officially entire, I mean it is absolutely accurate up to this time. Maybe it can inevitably augment so you can visit it again for up to date information. Haha. 

1. Never on a date with one guy

I have never been on a heterosexual relationship and also don't have any intention to date anyone in the near future for some reason. I amnot a lesbian, of course. So many people ask me if I was a bisexual before. The answer is absolutely NO. Haha.

2. Being alone is free

I always need alone time to boost my creativity and writing. Spending one week on my work without anyone around doesn't matter. But I am inclined to have a wide circle of acquaintances, especially always build new relationships with people in the upcoming place where I want to visit. I can't live without friends. I foster my networking quite strongly, both on social network and in the real life. 

3. Feel ok to work in a noisy place

Not few people feel interrupted and distracted while working at a crowded place with loud noise around. As a writer, creative work requires me to delve down deep in the corners of my mind. Although there are millions things trying to distract me, I feel okay.

4. I want to find love someday but I don't want to be tied down

I think I will love and marry someday, it seems to be obvious for all of us but I don't want to be tied down. I remember not long ago one friend of mine wanted to know whether or not I had been dating anyone. For 20 years on earth, I have never experienced love affair and don't want commitment in love too early. I am too young! 20 is ridiculously young. Haha.

I have lots of friends. I usually hang out with both boys and girls and regard them as friends, just friends. The ages of my friends vary but I have a tendency to make friends with people who are usually older than me.
Hoi An 2017

5. I have never worn dresses before.

When I was born, my mother didn't buy dresses for me. I have never worn dresses for 20 years. 

6. I have never worn high heels

My height is 164 cm. And the average height of Vietnamese people aged 22 - 26 is 1.642 meters in men and 1.534 in women (source: wiki). My current height ranks me as a tall woman in Vietnam. I have never thought to put on high heels one day but I will try when I come to a party with a gorgeous dress (wink*), maybe together with my soul mate. Haha. 

7. Fascinated by fashion

I have a collection of trending fashion styles on Pinterest, pin it regularly and sometimes open to look for a while. It is one of the best ways to relax.

I used to dream about becoming a fashion stylist some day but now I commit to writing. 

8.  I am writing a romance novel

I was born with a pure endless imagination and never feel difficult in composing a story.

I have never been in love but can write much more about it. You can check some posts which attract lots of views in this blog. But I don't often publish them here because of some secret reasons.

I am writing a romance novel, currently it reaches the page of 128 with nearly 70 000 words. But I have stopped it more than one month. I surely come back to it tonight with some ideas coming up clearly in my head now.

I used to finish one book within 2 months and then sent it to 2 publishing houses but they refused after 2 months of waiting. Luckily, I received refusal letters, which means they could have read my book.

I have never quited my desire to publish a book. Even J.K Rowling received loads of rejections before Harry Potter success.
In Bai Chay beach, Quang Ninh province

9. Designing this website for 4 times on my own.

I started to build this website on my own for approximately 1.5 years. The original theme was of blogspot and then I began learning how to code from the website w3schools. I felt satisfied with the template of my current website and get lots of positive feedbacks from the readers so I decided to keep it till now.

I think in the future I will set up a new website for my own job or design this blog again.

10. Behave weirdly sometimes

Anyone who knows me as her/his friend sees me as an introverted girl with lots of interesting things inside. So this is the reason why I occasionally treat or behave rather outlandishly.

Be silent for hours or don't want to talk in the crowd is a sign that makes people around feel awkward about me. I am such a good listener and a kind of caring person but sometimes I treat people quite heartlessly. I feel sorry for some moments like this. It is my bad.

11. Hate economics though I am asked to write more about it

My major at university is external economics but I can't get on well with it ever since I started to learn it. I used to be an editor for a book named "Moneyosophy". You can check it on Google.

12. I don't work well on a team

It seems to be obvious for people who prefer alone time like me. 

13. Easy to befriend with me

You only have 3 things:
+ Honest
+ Kind
+ Caring
Feel free to contact me. Not few people ask me for some advice but as a young girl, I can only sympathize to you and write for you good messages. 

14. Good intuition

At our first meeting, I can know whether or not you are positive. The first impression you make is every important. Haha.

Thank you for spending time on this crazy post. You deserve as my real friend for your perseverance.

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