A book that changed me forever

Do you ever wonder about which mission you are bearing for your own life or who you want to  become in the future? I ensure we all think about it more than once in our lifetime, especially when we get to the age of a teenager, about 15 or older, we tend to overthink about our next journey. We are considered a little bit more mature, a little bit braver, a little bit more insubordinate.

I used to ask my friends about their own stories that made them change forever. Maybe an event in the past that helped them to revive after chaos or tumultuous days and months. Some didn't have answers, others said that they had never thought about it. A few said that one certain teacher at school inspired and motivated them and then they changed to become a better pupil. I can't remember how many adversities I have been through but there is only one thing that has a positive influence on my life: BOOK

Unlike other bookaholics, I walked into the world of books quite late, at the age of 15. At that time, I was only a naive schoolgirl that did nothing but concentrated on learning. I was regarded as the most hard-working student in grade D that made teachers satisfied with all stuff and caused jealousy among friends because they couldn't tolerate my eccentriciy and weird silence. Someone might think that I suffered from autism that made me keep away from people around. In class, I was isolated and felt extremely lonely when we had break time. I remembered those moments were the disaster in my life when I was surrounded by laughters and voices. I was isolated from classmates. I felt disgusted about myself, I tried to keep myself from this ridiculous and irony circumstance. I was trapped in fretful feelings and was pushed out of the reality to survive with those lonliness and solidarity both at home and at school.

At the middle age of 15, I was inspired strongly by a literature teacher. She was the most caring woman at school I had ever known. She showed me how to write, how to read, how to feel, how to get rid of non-essential stuff to refresh my mind. I loved to listen to her lecture, especially when she read out loud all the best essays from students same age as me. Her voice was so sweet, gentle, cozy and appealing. In summer after I finished class 10, I started to book some books online. Starting with "Song va khat vong" (Live and dream) of the author- - speaker Tran Dang Khoa, I read it without a pause within 8 hours in 3 successive days. Gradually, I had a habit of reading. Anytime I had money, I book some online. After one week waiting, I swallowed all the books I had.

To talk about the book that changed me is so difficult because each book changes me for certain things. All of them enrich my soul, bring joy to my life and console me when I am in trouble. At each stage, my ability of making sense what the books are written about also varies. I have just finished one book called "The rainbow troops" (Chien binh cau vong) by one of the best-selling author - Andrea Hirata in Indosnesia. The stories of this book not only touch the mind but the heart of global people. It inspires us all to pursue our dream, follow our school though we was born poor, in adversity or anything else that prevents us from longing for a better future life. This book really touches my heart. It is the book that changes me forever, impulses me to listen to my tuition and follow my heart. I will go on my journey to different strips of land where I started to build my dream life as a real writer and famous blogger.


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