How can I live a real life?

Suddenly one morning I wake up and realise that I miss the exact time I need to get up as usual, I hate it so much that I have to punish myself because I don't follow the rules I established before. It seems to be easy for you to start each day whenever you want but for me, being late is worse than anything in life. I used to wonder why so many successful people on earth can become such great guys like that, and then I found out that since they had various habits that can help them work effectively. Habit is something you can build by doing it regularly. Breaking the rules is regarded worthwhile occasionally but breaking bad habits seems not to be easy as you thought.

No matter who you are, where you were born, how much money you have, living everyday differently is worth experiencing. I used to wander somewhere else, practise to write new issues even love stories that I have never experienced literally, travel alone to breathtaking strips of land or talk to ethnic minorities in remote areas and homestay to taste another way of new life. Being a writer requires me to put myself in lots of situations as much as possible. There is a quote I learnt from the book "San hoc bong": If life gives you a lemon, use it to make a lemon juice." Until now, I consider it as my motto to encourage myself to look on the bright side.

I am about to take part in a culture beach project in Quang Nam, it lasts for nearly 2 weeks. Perhaps I was born to do something different from my same age friends. Some of them long for a stable life with high grades, high-paid jobs, a romantic love and then settle down at the age of 25. Sometimes I wonder myself for something I have done. Why do I write? Why can I travel alone while I can go with one friend of mine? Why do I stay here just writing without feeling lonely? So I figure out that everyone was born for a reason. Some have potential to become a leader. Others fit for white-collar jobs. We are living in a huge world where there are approximately 7 billions people. Each person is has his/her own destiny, no one is like mine, I am different from you, it is the truth. So don't judge a book by its cover. I never do so neither do you!

Some strangers leave me messages on messenger and tell me to keep writing after reading my blog and posts on my fanpage. I haven't still thought that it is the way I build my personal branding but it is exactly the way I connect strange people in one community where they can read my writings together. The mission of a writer is how many people she can educate in a right way by her own way of thought, how she can bring them love, give them inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward. People easily get hurt so they seek for love. Nice words are love. So it is the way I give love to them.

I wish I would become a professional blogger. I never deny the idea that someone calls me an ambitious girl, a deep girl or a kind friend they have ever had in life. Being honest and eager to learn are two lessons I bear in mind. Yesterday, one friend of mine whom I have never met in the real life told me that he loved my writing so much and liked the way I thought. He is nearly 30 but you know on social networks you should judge someone by your belief. He used to help me a lot when I traveled to Ha Long. Much as I haven't had any opportunities to meet this guy, I really respect him - the real backpacker with cozy and open heart. He taught me a lesson about love: "Don't rush for it, don't deny it, either because in love it can come accidentally, you can't avoid, you can't hide." 

Making a plan will be the key that can help you to have a more organised life. Imagine every morning when you wake up with blank mind, how can you get it started? Sometimes you need to jump out of your comfort zone  to do the things you feel them right, even when they are not right for you now but some day you will see why they can change you properly like that.

Be brave, guy!


  1. hey girls, I am not used to leave comment here..but I cant shoot a glance at your s a sort of very mature thoughts and I feel how you chrish your-every-momment. the way you re trying to beat your bad habits up is very inspring and makes others reflect theirselves. Well I did! Thnks a lot and keep thing up! --

  2. Used to leaving...
    Cherish your every ...
    Reflect themselves
    By the way. Yeahhhhh


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