History creates us now

I started to learn history when I was in grade 4 and nearly stopped to discover it since I entered the university. I have spent most of my time reading books, online articles except for anything related to history. Or sometimes, when I come across a post written about a historical figure, historic events I stop for a while to devour it. Being a writer, an amateur writer though, I see reading different types of books is one of the most essential roles in my job. History undeniably plays a crucial part in helping not only writers but also most of people realize the real aspects of life happening in the past. However, the sad story behind is that in the fast-paced and modern life, Vietnamese people, especially the young seem to refuse to absorb this subject.

Two days ago, I accidentally met an interesting boy from DAV (Diplomatic Academic of Vietnam). He told that he was interested in European history. We sat in a circle (5 people) talking about books, about the project we had harboured to launch for a long time. I found this guy so interesting and the stories he told I didn't mostly have a clue about. It sucked! I come to a conclusion: Each person has his own potential. They can be passionate about history like the boy I have known for 2 days, some care about designing, drawing or writing like me and a wide range of other topics we can never list them all here. What's more, I ensure that in order to talk with a person about most of themes, you need to open your horizons. If you have spent much time on psychology, it is time for you to discover new issues like history.

When I was in secondary school, history was one of my favourite subjects. But the way the teacher asked us to learn did not really stimulate as well as motivate us. She always asked us about the exact time of every event instead of letting us analysing the historic event or the hero we liked the most. The education system in those years forced us to reluctantly regard history as a compulsory subject to pass in the final examination instead of seeing it as a fine one for us to research seriously. Or maybe we were the ones who hated studying and then blamed all for the history teacher, for the ministry of education and training. But when I grow up, I do not have a habit of excusing. We all know most of results come from our decision.

Recently I have begun to digest historic matters lightly. Every journey begins with a single step. I immerse myself in the historic river. I recalled the autumn morning with a German man who was volunteering in Vietnam 3 days ago. When we were in Ho Chi Minh museum, we talked about the harsh war in the last century. We cannot count how many people sacrificed during those years, how much loss we went through. Wars always give us pain,loss, death. It was always an unjust war despite of any reasons and motives. So right away when I came back home, I started to collect every article, every document related to Adolf Hitler and luckily dived into a world of incredible stories which were all in this website: http://thegreateststorynevertold.tv/

X file of history seems to be a nice source for you. It is where you can find which books will be suitable for the first time of history adventure. It is where you can read a wide range of analytic posts written about historical figures, historic events..etc. Every post is written with sharp writing style, a new view which is welcomed widely by lots of young people. I can sit in front of the laptop screen to read from post to post all day long without feeling powerless. History really comes back to my life.

If you have any books written about history, tell me. I will search their reviews on the internet and then buy them if I feel it right to me.

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