Đừng tỏ ra mình ngầu khi đất nước bạn vẫn còn nghèo

Ok, I will go straight to the topic I think we should discuss about seriously. Copy or create?

I have just seen a video from Dua Leo fanpage which made me embarrassed for a while. Right now, you should spend just a little bit time to wonder yourself what you had thought before.

After a year hanging out with the mentor I really respect, I know that our world always fluctuates so amazingly that we cannot guess what will happen tomorrow. Lots of people, especially students from the youngest age are blaming the Ministry of education and training for the two new subjects they wants children to experience in 2016: Russian and Chinese. "Damn it!" said I. Their children's brain looks like a genius or they can work like zombies? Everyday so many adults complain about their job from 8 a:m till 5:30 p:m because they find it too boring to do the jobs they are not passionate about. It seems to be a commonplace phenomenon in Vietnam. And now, observing tons of incredible news from each newspaper, students gradually regard school-work as a burden. 

Change is sometimes not a good choice, especially sudden change can lead to imbalance and struggle that no one anticipates the negative results of its. Recently, the Vietnamese Department of education are expecting for the last resort in reforming the education system which can satisfy its citizens but by accident they are creating more and more obstacles and opposite opinions. So I think like Dua Leo, in a developing country like Vietnam, copycat is the best choice.

Let's look at the two friends adjacent to our country: Laos and Cambodia, don't look further, let's look at our beloved friends thoroughly. What do we have more than them to feel proud? A heroic war? A country full of abundant resources? We have more but why the world ranks us in the group of developing countries? We got hurt in the last war like Japan, like Korea but we are now far from them 5 decades, even more than that. We don't have more achievements to be proud of than Laos, Cambodia. If we continue new ideas to figure out how practical it will be, we will need more time to turn them into reality. In comparison with countries in the same boat with us, we don't have much time to deliberate, it is not worth experimenting new ideas when we need to enrich our country, to make it like America, Japan, Singapore. 

We stimulate creative minds but we need them to lead our country to take each steady step to the success. I have just wandered some websites and accidentally come across the blog of Huyen Chip, one of the most talented girls I have ever known. Yeah, she writes every post in English. Sometimes, I feel powerless since I don't make sense exactly of what points she is aiming at. I sit there just a moment and ask myself "How long have you learnt English, Trang?" The answer is more than 7 years. Yes! More than 7 years is an unbelievable number that I feel ashamed. I laughs with the regret. One person can master a field if they pour their heart into it for 10.000 hours. If I learnt English 3 hours a day, I would need 3.333 days to master it. It means that I need more than 9 years to be an expert in English. That still sounds lucky for me because I have 2 years left to focus on this language. But it doesn't mean that you can be easy on yourselves. I will laugh "ha ha ha" when the government announces that Vietnamese students must learn Chinese and Russian when our generation seems to be dull about English. When the globalization covers every corner of this world, we will speak Chinese with each partner in the world ? It looks like a joke. 

The more I read, the more I learn, the more I know that we need to enrich our mind than our ancestor used to. Every country around ours is taking giant steps to the new level, we cannot go on our ideas in the lab to bring them in the real life for our children to test with them. Failure then correct, failure then correct is not right in this situation. If we want to go fast, go further, we should copycat the ideas from the wealthy nations, from the superpower country like U.S so we can minimize time and promote our labor forces to make our country stronger.

So what do we should do right now? It is getting down to learning English. 

Have fun! :)

I think sharing Huyen Chip's blog here is quite necessary. https://learn365project.com/
Now I can say good bye:  "have fun with her English"

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