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On the thresh-hold of life, there comes a time when people change and leave you alone there for no reasonable reasons; however, it is something that is easily made sense of. A friend sat by me giving a question "Why does life sometimes let us down like throwing us from the highest floor to the ground?". But the better comparison is that life gets us down as if we are cheated in love, in the most faithful love we believe to last for the whole life. Time goes by, people change. Sometimes, you see life looks like a coin, exactly a coin. One side symbolizes for the happiness, the other for the sadness. It can make you laugh, it leaves scars in your heart. Oh, it is definitely what life means.

Hey, that day had nice weather that I wished to go somewhere else so as to renew my stressful mind that did not have time to take a rest for the whole week. I was caught up in so many tasks though I was really conscious of the shortcomings of multi-tasking. But you know, when life gets busy and more modern, people tend not to control their action even though their voice in their mind always reminds them of the disadvantages of what they are doing everyday. I am not an exception case. Life is so great that we have various things to do, Kim Woo Choong, the former president of Daewoo corporation emphasized that and now I quoted it here. I have one friend that I can share my deep feelings with, she is really the real mate I am looking for. 

The nice day I mentioned above left me a sad story from her. Her father was died cuz of the cancer. It was such a great loss that not all of us can get over easily, even when you are a strong person, you need time to recover your pain. Two weeks after her father's death, she started to share it with me. As you know, I couldn't believe in myself anymore, my heart was torn apart and I was in a mess, did not know any words to reply those unbelievable messages. She gave it to me in such a relieving way that I felt guilty so much. Perhaps, the greatest pain is losing the person you love, family, friends or even the ones you are proud of. This case was her father, he was in heaven, sleeping peacefully and forever. It was such a hard challenge...

Time passed by, quickly and lightly till we went to school again. I came across her that day, an autumn day with a little bit wind and sunlight. She smiled at me and called" Hey Trang, where are you going?". I am contented with her bright face and then we went out to buy some drink. She told me that she would love to share with me something and announced about its shocking matter. We came back school again, sitting together at the stone chair. She began with a low tone:

- I decide to take part in the next university entrance examination. I think I want to learn at the Medical University.
- Why? - I immediately answered her sharing with open eyes and incredible feelings.
- I think I am consistent with the medical research. I think twice about that and ensure with my decision.

She is now a sophomore, I know time is always here, but it can steal her young days if her decision isn't ok. Being a friend of hers, I feel blank, completely blank as I cannot help her anything. We sat there, together, shared thoughts, ideas and then I tapped her shoulder and said:

- Everything will be ok. Let's have one gap year, try to act, not only think, let's act as much as possible. You are still young, pursue what really belongs to you. I will support you, anytime, anywhere, call me, we are friends, close friends, don't feel reluctant when you need someone sitting by your side just listening to your sorrow stories, your stressful days or your ending ways. I always stand there waiting for you to invite me for a cup of coffee or just a book to share when you need to fill your soul. Life gives birth to us with a view to making us be together in the sunny day, not just in the storm.

She and I went home, felt relieved ...

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