For a novel I forget...

It is said that creativity needs alone time to thrive, for me, most of the time it is definitely true, especially for the introverts. A friend who sits by my side in the class asks me for the reason why I am addicted to writing. The right answer is yes 'I am a writing addict'. I do it relentlessly, day in and day out, when I wake up I immediately think about any ideas to leak it out, maybe collecting it in the file in my dropbox or here - blog trang ps. No coffee though I would love to have some, no rain even though I am fond of being wet in a rainy day to refresh my mind, my old-fashioned ideas as well as overloaded strain stemming from such a busy life.

Yes, I write frequently, right after I wake up at the weekends, I turn on the laptop, thinking about what to write and how to concentrate on the idea I am typing about. Last summer, I started to launch an idea about rewriting a book I have harboured for ages. My summer lasted for about one month, I spent it all for volunteering work as well as backpacking to Sapa, one of the most favourite sites I encouraged myself to complete before I got 21. I went to class every morning and sitting constantly in front of the laptop till the end of the night. My writing ability could reach 5000 to 7000 words each day, taking for 4 to 5 hours.
Why do I write it?
You have ideas, you can write, so why not? 

When the book reached to 40 pages, I suddenly stopped for a while to read the temporary fruit before keeping on the book. I realised that my handwriting was so unacceptable that I sharply deleted it all to begin again. It was not the idea that I was afraid of but the literature style which didn't still get to the perfect top.

Unveiling the concept of the novel now is too soon but I will be stick to it to turn it into reality. I think it is such a long novel that will change your mind about the psychology, love and relationship you have. Until you bear in mind that they are priceless assets, you willnot be able to lose it once again in your life. To immerse myself in every character, every situation, occasionally I need to pretend to live their life: trying to be cold, trying to be apathetic or even living as a zombie. I guess you get terrified for a while but you know, as an actress, they must act 100% characteristic of the character they are responsible for. 

Life gets complicated and people have a tendency to get colder because of the environment they are experiencing. The mother in my novel suffers from a disease called self-delusion which makes her co-exist with strong suspicion, bygone stories. The main character "I" was born in a middle class. She has a brother who escaped from home when just graduating from the high school. He begs for a living and then tries to find ways to return home after being beaten by the gang. The novel starts with many complex circumstances which hope to take the readers from the amazing to others. When "I" enters one of the top universities, she also suffers from a mental disorder which makes her not able to treat others with feelings. She has no emotions toward surprising matters, toward the sorrow, the happy... Until she meets the right one who finally together with her gets married, she realises about the meaning of life.

To be continued ~

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