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After finishing the trip to Sapa, I realized that every tourism location in Vietnam has its own potential. You can say Sapa is foreign tourism site because every day it welcomes such a lot of international tourists from various countries like America, Malaysia, China, France and so on. Many of them depart from Ha noi, after they have some days hanging out there and then move to Sapa to enjoy the cool weather in summer or snow in the winter. Every road in Sapa town is full of tourists that makes me feel that I am lost in another world, maybe another country.

Sapa on a rainy day
The tourism models here are invested by others who can be a company, entrepreneur or the rich. Every tourism site you come must be paid by buying a ticket which costs from 50.000 dong to 100.000 dong. Sapa is as expensive as the capital in Vietnam. The business here looks quite small, not organised by chains but personal management. Many Sapa people open homestay business which can help them enrich their income. The price of an accomodation is about 50.000 dong to 100.000 per night and it increases at the weekend when service costs an arm and a leg. Meanwhile, if you choose to stay in a hotel, you must pay bigger bill, normally about 200.000 dong per night. I encourage you to book a homestay because it is not only cheaper but you can discover the culture, tradition through talking with the host. Most of hosts you meet are quite hospitable, friendly and open. They don't bother sitting with you telling you about memorable stories.

I think about launching a chain of homestay business here and mentioned this idea to Mr. Dong who helped me out by finding for me a homestay family in Ta Van. I stayed there two days and the host was so friendly beyond my expectation. They regarded me as a member of their family. I had one dinner with them and hearing a great number of stories from Mr. Phung and Ms.Nga. The couple was so generous and kind to me. Up till now, I cannot forget what I learnt from the minority here. Ms Nga is a Dao woman. When she talked with Quan in Dao language, I couldn't comprehend. She served me two noodles on two mornings. And then I went to Cau May which took me about 3 kilometers to get there on foot. Ta Van is a quite wildlife commune in comparison with Sapa town. It is 8 kilometers from Sapa town and the road is winding like a snake. 

Mong people usually follow foreigners to sell their goods. They also make better money than Dao people who are in poorer conditions. Mong people build homestay chain and know how to speak English. How they speak this language is quite incredible. I wonder how they learn. Mr.Son who helped me with travelling is also building homestay with 4 floors in Sapa town. However, I think the business model here seems to be still humble. They maynot know about marketing and how to attract more clients to their homestay family.

The tourism system in Sapa is going on developing but sometimes I wonder if it can be modernized in a negative way. Day by day it continues to welcome such a lot of tourists from every where over the world. However, how many people will be ready to come back?

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