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I have not written any long English posts recently. Most of my time has been spent on writing, completing fucking moutains of tasks at the company as well as hunting for a new job position in the new schoolyear. Everything turns around and around that makes me a little bit stressed out sometimes. The world made me a human so like others, I also have abundant feelings, emotions and such a lot of thoughts like mushrooms after the rain. I am updating a book, have just reached 7 chapters with about 80 pages. This fruit started from an accidential inspiration steming from a book called "Trai tre dac biet cua co Pereprine", a fiction book with appealing imagination that made me desire to own one this year.

Since I took the new job from GIAMIN, I have started a bunch of busy days. I immerse myself in jobs that makes me have no time for other activities. My friends told me that I was an ambitious girl. I don't have a clue about who I will be in the future, which job I can take, which person I may love, where I plan to settle down with my beloves but there is one thing, only one thing I ensure for my future life, that is bright future. I am fighting for my worthy position on earth. When people around get down, I stand up, tell myself "Your goal in front of you, far from here some steps. 

I haven't blogged and written the rest of my book recently. I don't know why but staring at the laptop screen thinking about new ideas coming up next from time to time pressures me, literally. This book  is about a long story that tells about people sufering from strange psychological symstoms. Most of them originate from living environment, affected by people around or an obsessive past. I now never suspect my writing skills but sometimes I need more incredible, different experiences to enrich each chapter and perfect my characters.

What will make them change, forever? A right person appears in the right time. The main character then meets a man, who will become her boyfriend. He changes her viewpoint about life. It is not about remaining a certain feeling on face but be yourself and let people standing opposite know that how you feel right now. The stronger you pretend to be, the more tired you feel. Life is not about giving birth to humans to make them robots but change them into real people. Everything always has two sides like a coin. 

I commit to myself that three months later this book will be a real one, a masterpiece that is welcomed widely by my friends, family, schools and all of people in Vietnam. It will be published and sold at top bookstores in Vietnam. It will definitely inspire them, motivate them, make them live and change themselves to be more perfect. 

Because I know, I CAN !

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