Two days dumb, just write.

One of my classmates sent me a quite long message on facebook. Let me summarise it for you. I think I shouldnot publicize it but maybe sometimes we also ought to discuss a real matter. So I call my friend as an unknown person.

She has suffered from strain these days. One of the key reasons originating from her unstable studying at university. Now she is a freshman. The first semester flew quite smoothly but the second one seems quite terrible. She is often absent from class and on weight because of thinking negatively. It is quite opposite to me because when I spend time thinking something ( in a pessimistic way), my health becomes worse and worse, which results in high weight decrease. She tends to drop out of university, many times during the second semester. I used to think about dropping out of school as a way which could help me release bad feelings and boring subjects. However, when I spend time rethinking everything, I realise that right now I cannot be a dropper. I also do not care about what others think, but I will lose plenty of opportunities. The brand "FTU" somehow brings me a lot of vast chances. Thanks to it, I could work part-time at the current company MOVE VietNam. Thanks to this brand, I can make friends with talented students and meet professional people from the events, talk-shows, workshops I took part in. Dropping out of school doesn't mean whether I am brave or not. But it means that I am hiding the real life. To live is to fight. Only when you figure out your real passion can you quit school to pursue it. Now is not suitable for me.

Where may I be if I quit the university? Becoming a certain person in the future or becoming a second Steve Jobs that change the world technology? No sure answer for that situation but I ensure that I will lose a lot if I drop out of university. One of those is losing relationships with a lot of people I have tried to be closer to them. Steve Jobs or Bill Gates became a drop -out because they made their best to follow their dream, their tuition. But now, I  still do not who I am in the future, what I will do someday, so quiting school is only a disadvantage. 

I told my friend to think this matter twice. Not many people like to learn damn things at university but they see it is the basic foundation that can help them to have a clear vision, about the image of theirs in the future. Thanks to the connection of each generation at Uni, I know a lot of sisters and brothers who help me to have a mature opinion about every aspect in life. Do not make up your mind when you are too happy or in a bad mood. Deciding any plans when you are in a fresh mood. :))

We really need to learn how to absorb positive data and refuse negative feelings. Perhaps humans never escape the depressing and stressful moments when they want to give up everything in life, even think about suiciding. But this is time for you to tell yourself why you come to this earth, what your parents expect who you are, what you will become in the future. Think about it seriously and never get depressed easily. My friend told me that she maybe needed to change her mind and look on the bright side. So that's it !

Asking about ten people about what their dream is, I usually receive a general answer "becoming a useful person in the future". We are not children who are studying at primary schools. What we need is a clearer answer which can tell what you really want and who you want to be someday.  Don't walk on an old part which only tell you as a person bearing a copying habit, in an unintelligent way. I usually write down my key passions: English, writing, reading, ability to listen to others'private stories and then advise them, inspiring and travelling. Maybe in the future I willnot work like a person who used to learn external economics but provided I dare to pursue my passion, I soon realise which path is just for me.

I am on my mind about a project related to Vietnamese tourism. However, being alone leads me to nowhere. I really need friends who can stand with me and support me. Collaborators play a crucial role in turning the project into reality. Visualising the image of future me assists to bring to me detailed vision, mission, goal and strategy.

So, start with a strong power and never let yourself down because of any reasons ^^

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