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I sometimes want to write Blog in English to improve this language but in reality, I realize that trying to master a certain language always takes time and effort and my English writing skill isnot really good. Looking backward the past time when I started to learn how to talk with mother tougue, I experienced the hard time with lots of challenges and failure to speak the right words. The first time is always difficult, you know, learning anything is not an exception.

I am about to come to Hanoi and re-begin my studying at university. Apart from my education at school, everything seems to be okay outside. Basically, I will take some new soft skills and be serious about my writing. I plan to set up a new blog website and launch a campaign about this. I think when  I am officially in Hanoi and can settle everything in order there, I can start to focus on my own challenges.

I am keen on playing guitar and certainly this year will be brighter with this new experience. If only the guitar free club were near my lodging – house, I could go there often and learn something interesting from talented people.

There is one thing I am so curious about, psychology. I will make an effort to explore the inside world of people where they bear mysterious feelings and emotions. Getting insight into this awkward world is always a hard choice and never easy for the ones with first time experience.  I will create a new challenge called “2 books one month”, which means this year – 2016 I must read about 24 books with differents types from fiction, education, non – fiction, psychology, travel, music to science and adventure…Bill Gates creates his own big idea to complete one book in one week and with two books in one month seems enough to me. Occationally, choosing some ebooks and having them printed and then read it in the free time. Now I am reading the book “Awakening the giant witthin you” and see it brings me many invaluable messages that I never can forget. Moreover, Figuring out some useful websites to learn new aspects of life seems awesome nowadays when the young don’t cease  to learn new practical lessons.

  2. Business insider
  5. Nytimes
  6. Billgates – his own websites
  7. Brian tracy – his own website
  9. – to learn new languages, completely free
  10. – to learn new languages and luckily if you have some free courses

I can’t remember all the websites I usually click when I wanna get information for each aspect I need. I think reading in English sometimes gives you incredible reviews from worldwide people. For example, when I take the book “the fault in our star” in English and have it printed, I know something about literature of another country and feel this in another language. However, It can’t be denied that this book involves many new words and strange style that I can’t be patient to read cover to cover. I watched the film before I  indulged in this book. And, honesly speaking, it is the first film that made me moved like this, I mean the American film.

Learning from famous figures always brings us marvellous feelings. My current job helps me to know many well-known people in the world: from worldly-affected entrepreneurs such as Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, Blair Singer, David Ogilvy, Donald Trump to motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy. When you take time to get insight knowledge from reading their biography and their process of trying to be the great one, you have the motivation and inspiration to look on the bright side and never have an intention to fall behind once. So, let create a new challenge: one week with a new story from a famous person you are interested. For instance, when I am fond of discovering the advertising industry, I search some people related to. One of them is David Ogilvy “ the father of advertising industry” – the sought- after wizard of today’s advertising industry. After getting some detailed information about him, I start to note something important down in my diary so that when re –reading, I can know what I learned.

You can’t know how exploring new things is wonderful until you are really serious ‘bout that. Have fun and take risk^^

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