How much time do you spend on using your mobile phone? And, which reasons make you not be able to live without it in today life? Now I will give you some funny and real stories about the habit of using mobile phones among Vietnamese people,, especially teenagers.
Many people regard it as an important part in their life. Without mobile phone, they will find everyday really boring. You wake up with the sound of their mobile phone. Suddenly, they see a message from their lover and start to reply each message in turn without seeing that it is time for them to go to work. As a result, they are late for work about 15 minutes, are reluctantly bothered by their boss. It is a very funny story. I made up it but I also based on the fact.
Honestly, how much time do you spend on using your mobile phone?
1 hour - No way
2 hours - Maybe
3 hours - Maybe
In reality, Vietnamese people certainly make use of it too often. 
The popular reasons why you use it.
1, Contact someone through calling and taking a message.
2, Relax ( listen to music, access social websites, watch movies, clips, play games,..)
3, Absord information ( read magazines, newspaper,..)
4, Learn ( learn languages, English, Chinese, look up new words, read ebooks,...)
But, there is a negative matter that a lot of people, especially teenagers nowadays abuse it. It sounds like as if you couldnot live without it. Whenever you go, you always remember to bring their mobile phone together. They kill time by plug earphone into it and listen to music when waiting for the bus or someone. You can see some common situations when you come to shops, restaurants many people look at their cellphone instead of talking face to face with everyone. Why? Don't they find anything interesting to communicate with everyone? Or they are really busy and have something more important happening in their cellphone?
Everyone experiences this fact. From my point of view, it is quite impolite to behave like that. Do you think that you are lost in an invisible life?
Some pictures below will make you reflect upon something...

Take photos by mobile phones

Kill time by listeing to music

The scene you usually see in the bus station

Take a message even when they walk in the streets
Abusing mobile phone can lead to some negative effects, especially for your health. According to some scientific surveys, using mobile phones too much will have a bad influence on your brain. If you put it near yourself when you sleep, the electronic waves from it will affect your brain in a bad way. It is strongly claimed that using earphone to listen to music too much ( over 1 hour one day) and lasts for months and years will lose your ability to hear. There are many more terrifying facts about this facility!
So, keep alert and limit the time you use mobile phone!

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