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Do you know about the definition of friend zone? Maybe you are in friend zone but you donot know. So, now I will give you an example to show you what it is.
I have a close friend. He is so intelligent and handsome. For me, he is a great boy that I have ever known. Anytime I have anything sad or happy, I always share with him and he is definitely a good listener. Not only does him help me to overcome hard time but he also encourages me to look on the bright side. Gradually, I realise that my feeling for him has changed. I love him but I know that he regards me as a close friend. The situation means that I am in friend zone.
This above example refers to many real stories in our life. It happens everywhere and leads to many different results. Friendship can end  in love but love in friendship never, which is the reason why so many people in friend zone are so scared because they don't want to lose their valuable friendship. 
So, they figure out some ways to maintain their priceless relationship.
First, they choose to hide their one-sided love and care for their friend unconditionally. Second, they still treat their friend as usual but always pay attention to him/her in a special way. Thirdly, they decide to wait for a once-in-a-life time chance to expose their love toward their friend who they have a special feeling for.
If you were in friend zone, which way do you find best to follow???
Hey, you should watch it, so awesome!
A vlog about friend zone you can see.
I amnot in friend zone though I have many male friends. They are also cute and kind but I always consider them as friends, no more! The university environment will continue giving me more marvellous chances to discover many new things in life. 

Some love quotes I see are so meaningful and give me rewarding lessons. In reality, when I was in high school, I always avoided hearing something related to love. However, when I enter in university, I start to be opener and feel natural to share with my friends about this matter. Many people feel shy to discuss about sex and something like that, homosexuality, for example. I know the reason why they behave in that way. Unlike foreign people, Vietnamese people still ignore this matter but thanks to international media and the development of thoughts and ideas, gradually they are opener with this matter.
Back to friend zone, if you are in this situation, I advise you to find a suitable chance to talk privately with him/her. Rather than feeling bitter alone, you need to talk face to face with that person. There will be some results happening. The first one is that you will be refused in a weird way. It means that person will be in a embarrassing situation and still don't feel comfortable when talking with you. Unfortunately, you can lose a good friend. The second result is that you can be accepted because that person has been in friend zone with you for long; however, this case rarely happens as you knew. The last thing is that he/she will respond in a polite way, maybe, " Thank you, but we need to be friend of each other." or " Sorry, but I think you should be my friend forever". It means that you can get hurt but at least you have a direct answer. Somehow, your broken heart will be healed again, sooner or latter. 
Getting stuck in friend zone is like playing a game and you may be a loser or a winner, no other choices. But, whether you are a loser or a winner, what you get from that circumtance is always a big lesson. You learn how to stand up after failure, how to heal your sorrow and how to cherish every moment you have had in life as well as learn how to treasure what you have. 
Good luck ^^ If you are in friend zone, share with me anyway! I promise to give you some good advice or at least I will become a good listener.

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