Sunday at Academy of Journalism and Communication ( AJC)

I am at AJC
Every Journey always brings us a priceless chance to gain knowledge and experience. Supposed you stay at home all day and night next to the desk learning and reading books, you certainly see that life starts to become more and more boring. You need to go out and look for something else, instead. Today is Sunday. Last night, I didn't plan to go anywhere but decided to stay at home and study macroeconomics which is so tiresome with hard formulas and conceptions. However, this morning I felt like visiting my friend who learnt at AJC. To be honest, I love this university so much and I used to want to become a student there. Nevertheless, I thought AJC focuses on some fields that I couldn't pursue in the end so I chose FTU which I fell for right away when I was in grade 9. 
My journey started at 9 a:m and it was raining that time. I brought my umbrella together but when I rode my bike, it tended to blow away sometimes. I had difficulty going to my friend's lodging- room. After 25 minutes, I was right in front of AJC and waited for my friend picking me up. I offered her to show me every corner in the univeristy. "WOW, it was so beautiful and a bit larger than my university. I met so many students there who seemed to be very original, exeptional and active. They were acting and some people were interviewed for MC competition. I was so proud of this atmosphere. One of the dominant things I paid attention to was that there were so many cars there that I couldnot count them all. My friend told me that MC Cong To usually came there and she met a lot of well- known people such as MC Lai Van Sam, Singer Bich Phuong, O- Plus band,.. I felt a bit jealous of her :p. 
She came from a poor family and her parents used to force her to quit learning and blamed her for her decision to continue higher education. Despite her poor condition, she determined to pursue her dream and never gave up on what she wanted. I sympathised with her as well as took strong pride on her braveness. Now she is working for a media company and earns about 1500000 vnd per month. Her job looks so simple but creates a high jump so that she can figure out which job she will take in the future. I asked her some questions about AJC and some chances to work for a company like that. I also loved investing my time into writing and discovering journalism and media.
If only I could have an opportunity to collaborate with a newspaper house... I always kept thinking about it until I came back home.


  1. ehh, it seems that Linh( t8 maybe) who used to be in your self studying team had dream of AJC. how's she going???

    1. who is she??? :D I didnot mention her in my blog >>


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