About my leisure time looking for something to experience alone

To be honest, I love peaceful atmosphere and never want to be bothered when I keep thinking about some ideas or stories to conduct or write next. I really enjoy writing and reading books in my free time. If my friends always spend their time visiting former friends and going somewhere esle to change the boring life, I choose to travel alone with a cell phone and some books, notebooks to read and write when I want to.
Hanoi in my thoughts used to be very very awesome. In my own imagination, It appeared beautiful with magnificent buildings and marvellous landscapes. I had an intetntion to visit all of them within a week when I studied there, but infact, I have only visited some of them until now. My first year at new university sounds busy and stressful. I have participated in many clubs and have tried to get over them all. It is the first time I have understood what deadline is. However, the most meaningful thing that makes me respect is that I have known many cute friends who are so excellent and intelligent. They help me so much in completing my project and show me how to manage time in an effective way. In the course of doing YMC's project, I felt stressed out sometimes. I remember every night I sat near the computer and typed every sentence to create a perfect newspaper. In reality, When you decide to invest you time in doing certain things, you need to be patient and keep moving forward. I have never felt that someday I will give up on what I am trying to achieve. I reflect upon that I will live up to my potential which is called writing. My major at university is foreign economics but I see that my career in the future maynot be related to what I am studying at university now. I love to become a reporter or a writer. I focus on learning English and spend time absorbing knowledge about international media which I feel suitable for me.
I am looking for some friends who share the same ideas with me, which means the ones I feel suitable to corperate with. During the time I took part in project round of Young Media Club, I thought to myself that I did discover one thing that made me interested in. Actually, It was all about writing and working as a reporter. I love to meet a lot of people as well as have a chance to listen to their stories and then turn them into a newspaper and an essay of my own. It seems to be awesome!

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